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What type of shoes for my child ?

Is your toddler capable of standing on his own or maybe even walking by himself ? If so, he could be ready for his first walkers! There are 4 criteria's to aknowledge when buying your child's first pair of shoes.

  • Lightweight
  • Natural composition
  • Flexibility
  • Thin sole
  • Comfort

Choose lightweight baby shoes

First-step (first walker) shoes should be light. Your baby should have as little obstacles as possible on his way to learning how to walk. Imagine the weight that a shoe can have in contrast with his weight/strength. You want to look for a shoe that is as light as possible.

No synthetic shoes for your child!

A very common mistake from us parents is to buy synthetic shoes. We all know the temptation to buy rubber sneakers thinking ''my child's feet will grow so fast, why invest so much?''. The problem with synthetic shoes is that they are made of plastic often treated with chemicals therefore preventing the feet to fully breathe and resulting with sweaty feet, feet odor, athlete's foot, and eventually toenail fungus. Leather has the benefit of being natural, flexible, and breathable. When you invest in quality footwear, not only are you setting your child up for success with his first steps but you are also investing in the longterm health of their precious feet. 

No clogs, only soft shoes!

More seriously, gone are the days when we shod our young adventurers with ultra rigid shoes. The feet must be able to unfold as naturally as possible. We suggest soft shoes with thin soles. But also not too flexible, because their feet need support.

Finally, comfort and practicality...

To sum it all up, your child must be comfortable in his/her shoe. You will quickly see this when she walks. We recommend a shoe with laces rather then velcro for a simple reason: the laces support the feet better but more importantly, a shoe with laces is less likely to loosen up than a shoe with a velcro closure.

In summary, depending on the season, choose rather high-rise shoes or sandals that support the heel. Lightweight and flexible, of good quality and in the right size, neither too big  nor too small.